Crazy Catch - Upstart 2.0

Crazy Catch - Upstart 2.0
Product Description

Helping improve both hand-eye coordination and quicker reaction times whilst having fun are key focuses of the Crazy Catch Upstart. Through the use of both sides of the netting, it offers varied training for coaches to improve players catching.

Crazy Catch Upstart 2.0

  • Smallest and most portable freestanding net
  • Double-sided - Sane (predictable) and Insane (unpredictable)
  • Ideal for individual and team training
  • Rubber feet enable indoor & outdoor use
  • Includes level 2 vision ball and carry bag
  • *Double Trouble Option
  • Size: 75cm x 75cm
  • Colour: Green


** Upstart currently out of stock - Double Trouble still available.

*Double Trouble nets have insane rebound on both sides. One side is designed for small ball rebound (cricket, hockey, tennis) and the other side for large ball rebound (football, basketball, rugby).