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Ram Crossfire Cricket Players Bundle

Product Description

The Crossfire range, meticulously crafted by Ram, is designed specifically for the discerning senior cricketer seeking top-level performance without compromising on value. This collection offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality cricket gear that will elevate your game to new heights, all at an unbeatable price.

Set includes 1 x Ram Crossfire Bat, 1x Ram Crossfire Gloves, 1 x Ram Crossfire Pair of Pads, and a Ram Cricket Duffle Bag.

Optional Extra to add Ram Cricket Helmet in 2 sizes Junior (54cm - 56cm); Senior (57cm - 61cm)

Helmet is ICC International Standard and has adjustable Steel grille and chin piece


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Bat Specification : 

  • Grade 3 English Willow: Experience the exceptional power and responsiveness of this premium willow.
  • Handle - Singapore Cane: Delivers superior control and a comfortable grip for optimal performance.
  • Bow - Mid-Blade: Perfectly balanced to enhance your stroke play and generate maximum power.
  • Strike Zone - Mid-Blade Sweet Spot: Unleash explosive shots with precision and consistency.
  • Grip - Octopus Shock Absorbent Grip: Maintain a firm hold on the bat while minimizing impact vibrations.
  • Weight - Ranging from 2lb 8oz to 2lb 12oz: Find the perfect weight for your batting style.

Crossfire Batting Gloves:

  • Armour Solid Protection for Lead Fingers: Shield your hands from impact with confidence.
  • Flexible Sheep Leather Palm: Enjoy an enhanced grip, allowing you to control the bat with precision.
  • Airflow Gusset for Ventilation: Stay cool and comfortable even during intense matches.

Crossfire Batting Pads:

  • Ambidextrous: Suitable for both left and right-handed players.
  • Lightweight High-Density Foam Padding with PU Facing: Offers superior protection without compromising on agility.
  • Reinforced Pro-Tex Knee Cap: Provides a secure fit and enhanced safeguarding for your knees.
  • Three Section Shin Bolster: Ensures maximum flexibility and protection.
  • Reinforced Instep: Durability and resilience for long-lasting performance.
Optional extra