Bola Professional Bowling Machine

Bola Professional Bowling Machine
Product Description
Continual development and refinement over a quarter of a century have made the BOLA Cricket Bowling Machine an indispensable coaching tool. Used by thousands of schools, clubs & counties, BOLA machines are an affordable first class practice facility. All BOLA machines are manufactured in the UK.
  • Brushless Electric Motor - Lighter, longer lasting with decreased maintenance and better performance
  • Speed - 15 mph to 95 mph
  • Bias & Swing - 1 to 9 levels with colour settings
  • Power Indicator - LED lights
  • Ball Joint Mounting - Infinite amount of line and length variations
  • Delivery types - Straight, Outswing, Inswing, Off Break , Leg Break, Top & Back Spin
  • Pro-model only - Electronic random delivery mode, Various automatic changes to the delivery
  • Optional: Power Pack


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